Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick Update

I apologize to my faithful readers (all three of you) for the lack of content lately. I've been taking maybe the most difficult class of my life this summer, and the fact that this class is packed into eight weeks isn't making anything easier. The last week or two has been a sleepless, work-filled adventure for yours truly. Needless to say, I haven't had much free time, and updating my blog isn't the number one priority I have when I do have free time. I promise I'll come up with more content in August (after this course ends), including team-by-team predictions for the entire SEC (my next project on the blog).

Of course, this is Open Championship week, so while I have too much other stuff to do, I'm going to keep my eye on the scores from Turnberry. I don't have any in-depth analysis this time, but I will list five players to keep an eye on (obviously aside from Tiger Woods):

1. Lee Westwood - He's probably Great Britain's best player (Justin Rose may have a case as well) and he's played some pretty decent golf lately. Just call it a gut feeling.

2. Ernie Els - He hasn't done much lately, but when Easy E is on his game, he's tough to beat. It seems like most of the most recent majors have had a former great come out of nowhere to contend on Sunday, so Els is my pick for this one.

3. Zach Johnson - He hasn't really done much since winning the 2007 Masters. He's too good to stay off the big stage for long. What better time to jump up the world rankings than now?

4. Jim Furyk - One of my favorites, no other reason.

5. Adam Scott - The Aussie was supposed to challenge Tiger's supremacy, but hasn't quite lived up to that billing just yet. Can he get his first major title in Scotland? Call it another hunch.

Don't pick Padraig Harrington (even though he's the two-time defending champ), his play has been abysmal this year.

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