Wednesday, June 24, 2009

USA beats Spain 2-0

The biggest win ever for USA soccer? Biggest since I've started watching, for sure. There's lots of analysis on the internet on how we managed to beat the #1 team in the world, a team that hadn't lost in 3 years, especially when we were outshot by 20 shots. You can find it if you know how to use google. You probably don't want to even see me try to do any real soccer analysis, but I'll just say I doubt we'll repeat this performance against the Brazilians. I will, however, be cheering like hell come Sunday.

The biggest thing I noticed about this game, being the soccer fan novice and movie aficionado I am, is that the guy who played Mitch in Dazed and Confused has grown up and now plays soccer for Spain. Check it out:

I was wondering what happened to him!

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