Friday, September 4, 2009

J.D. goes to bed out of boredom from 19-8 game, misses dude getting jacked in face

About midway through the fourth quarter of last night's Oregon-Boise State game suckfest, I decided I'd watched enough crappy football for the opening Thursday night in college football. Disappointed, I turned off the television and went to sleep, only to find out this morning that I missed LeGarrette Blount (the guy who was talking mad trash to BSU before the game) lose his mind and punch a BSU player, shove around one of his teammates, and need to be restrained from entering the stands. That doesn't mean I wasn't able to watch it on video:

Dude got jacked. Of course, the expected happened, and sports media everywhere rushed to condemn such a cowardly act. I'm not going to say that Blount should have punched Hout, or that he shouldn't be reprimanded; what I will say is that the media tries way too hard to feign disgust and disbelief that a player in such a violent and emotional sport would do such a thing. I feel the same way when ESPN/FOX/ABC/etc. personalities get on their high horse about excessive celebrations in the NFL or any other league. Let Joe Horn plant a cell phone near a goal post and pretend to call someone on it after a touchdown; don't be shocked when a football player reacts negatively to some trash talk after the complete decimation of his team.

To be honest, I giggle a little bit every time I see Hout's face directly after the punch, because...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with TV personalities being tools. Punching a dude in the face is wrong. But I bet ESPN made money off this play. They replayed the clip 35 times before noon the next day because they know people wanted to see it. Cram a bunch of high paying corporate ads before and after the clip and hire 4 'analysts' to talk about how wrong it is and you've got a hit show!

...a week later and I'm still fuming, sorry