Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week 3 SEC Predictions

The third weekend of the college football season sees some of the more intriguing SEC games of the season: Disappointing Georgia travels almost halfway across the country to face improved Arkansas; Lane Kiffin gets his payback for running his mouth at Florida all off-season; Auburn tries to get revenge on West Virginia for the 2008 Morgantown beatdown, while silencing critics of their early-season success. Personally, I'm very nervous about the West Virginia game. Before the season, I had this pegged as an almost sure loss, but now I'm leaning toward Auburn winning and I break into a cold sweat just thinking about the game. We really need to win this game. If you're going to be in Auburn on Saturday, get there early, stay late, and BE LOUD!

As for my weekend score predictions...

West Virginia 29
Auburn 34

Louisville 19
Kentucky 27

North Texas 13
Alabama 34

Tennessee 9
Florida 45

Louisiana-Lafayette 10
Louisiana State 31

Mississippi State 20
Vanderbilt 24

Florida Atlantic 7
South Carolina 38

Southeast Louisiana 10
Mississippi 52

Georgia 13
Arkansas 24

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