Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Best. Lab Meeting. EVER.

Every Tuesday at 3:30 our lab group meets to discuss how our research is coming along. It's usually an extremely boring meeting that drifts from tangent to tangent, leaving me ready to decapitate myself and feed my severed head to the nearest dog. Or drink heavily. Whichever is easier. However, today we did something different. Everyone in the lab brought a six pack of beer or other beverage, and several people brought snacks and desserts. We relaxed out on the CCRC patio, where the weather was perfect; upper 70s, and we were in the shade. A light breeze kept things from overheating. In order to keep cold, we stored our beer and assorted soft drinks in the cold room until the meeting, which, while hilarious, was also dangerous, in that any other researchers using the cold room could have easily come in and taken the liquid booty. And knowing most of the rest of the CCRC personnel, it would have taken maybe ten minutes.

Needless to say, while our range of topics in typical lab meetings are usually xylan structures in certain land plants, glycosyl transferase activity and genes, today we discussed cheap wine tasting, Mad Dog 20/20 (incidentally, I always thought Mad Dog was a malt liquor; I guess you learn something every day), the pros and cons of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger in their respective Joker roles, and encounters with the cops my P.I. had under the influence of whatever he was under the influence of when he was in undergrad.

Like the title said, this was the best lab meeting ever.

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