Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top 5 Commercials

Today I'd like to introduce a new feature I'm going to have here at the Neighborhood. A top five list. I like making lists. People like reading lists. This seems like a match made in heaven. Plus, I'm working hard on an incredibly difficult programming assignment and I'm reaching an impasse, so finding a way to kill some time is a great idea.

The first top five I'd like to share is my favorite commercials of all time. I'm going to count down in reverse order, so that I build suspense up to my number one. Enjoy!

5. "This is Sportscenter" - Steve Irwin vs. the Florida Gator

The "This is Sportscenter" marketing campaign from ESPN has been a hit for probably more than ten years. While Sportscenter is turning to shit, the commercial levels have not dropped off. It was tough to pick a favorite (the Y2K test was a close 2nd, but I didn't want a Y2K overload in this list). Most of them are hysterical. Check it out.

4. "Man Fights Bear" - John West Salmon

I have to admit, I've never seen this commercial on TV, except for maybe on a show that chronicles the best commercials of all time. I watched this commercial for the first time probably somewhere near my first few years of college, right when I first got personal DSL+ strength internet, and found viral videos. Any commercial that features a bear with boxing moves gets my vote.

3. "Y2K Jogger" - Nike

I alluded to the fact this list would have more Y2K in it in my "This is Sportscenter" description. This commercial for Nike was directed by Spike Jonze, and if my memory serves me correctly, aired before the turn of the millennium. The commercial shows what amounts to be almost a worst-case scenario of the Y2K crash, while a jogger keeps his cool and goes about his daily routine. Although I am not a jogger, nor do I pretend to be, I love this commercial.

2. "Drumming Gorilla" - Cadbury's

If you want a commercial with a zany idea, featuring a song that takes me back to 1988, and a gorilla, then this is your commercial. I don't really know how to describe this commercial, other than to say it's almost the perfect commercial.

1. "Glenn" - Starbucks

A running theme in my favorite commercials is picking a cheesy song from the 1980s and parodying it. The fact that Survivor, the band who wrote "Eye of the Tiger" agreed to do this commercial just raises the awesome factor twentyfold. Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself...

Honorable Mention, favorite commercial of this year: "Beer Closet" - Heineken

Beer commercials usually deliver the laughs. I've always enjoyed Heineken's commercials. The Holiday 5-pack is a good one. This one takes a tried-and-true method, projecting female characteristics or actions on males. An instant classic.

Hope you enjoyed my inaugural top five list. Have a great day!


Keri (Behemoth to you) said...

I love making lists too! I have been working on this book all semester long and I think you'd love it:

J.D. said...

That sounds interesting. I may check it out sometime when school isn't sucking my soul from my body.

P.S. Excellent URL in your username.