Friday, May 15, 2009

Gene Chizik is no good at golf

Check out this video from

Gene Chizik, Bo Jackson putt around

Even though the results are there, his putting stroke is just horrible. Once upon a time, I was pretty good at golf, so I know when someone has no idea what he's doing when I see it. Chizik's putting stroke isn't as bad as Chuck Barkley's full swing, but it's not any good. He has too much movement in his body and wrists; he doesn't have the pendulum stroke like Tiger Woods.

Anyways, the best thing to take from this, as Goldberg notes in the blog post I'm taking this stuff from, is that Bo Jackson is taking a more prominent role with Auburn than he had. He spoke at graduation last week, and he's appearing with Chizik, having fun. This can only be a good thing for our rebuilding program.

I kinda wish they had shown Bo's stroke, though.

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