Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick Update

Hey everyone. Just thought I'd throw a real quick post up before Memorial Day weekend comes and goes with zero posts from yours truly. I'm going to Memphis tomorrow evening (as is usually family custom) and will be back on Monday night. I don't have anything useful to post, other than these two awesome videos shamelessly stolen from The FYC. Enjoy, and have a great Memorial Day!


jrsuicide said...

the only good thing about the city of Cleveland is that if you are a band on tour they let you go into the Rock N ROll Hall Of Fame for free...which is totally awesome. other than that they should just level the whole damn city. at least Detriot has character...and some championships in the last 60 years.

J.D. said...

Never been to either city (well, except one time when I connected in Detroit), so I can't comment on either. Cleveland gets docked for The Drew Carey Show. Detroit gets docked for the 0-16 Lions.

Final score? If I never go to either place, I'll die a happy man.