Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh Raiders

Growing up, I considered myself a Raiders fan. No reason really, I just didn't have a natural team to root for. The Titans were still in Houston and the Falcons were a giant bag of suck. I kind of just picked the Raiders, and for awhile it was fun. The Raiders were mostly a good team from 1991 (the first year I actively followed sports) to 2002 (when they went to the Super Bowl). Since then, the Raiders franchise has been the laughingstock of the league. They've made bonehead move after bonehead move, and Al Davis clearly has no idea how to run an NFL team in this day and age. I've heard he's said he'll retire as soon as the Raiders win another Super Bowl, but somehow I think he'll die first. Anyways, the most recent example of the Raiders' embarrassment involves Head Coach Tom Cable punching an assistant in the jaw. Stay classy, Raiders.


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jrsuicide said...

i've been a Raiders fan since i was a kid. my first pro football memory was watch Marcus Allen dominate in the Super Bowl and then when Bo became a Raider that put them over the top. everytime i hear shit like this i just want to cry. thank god the Falcons finally look like they've got it together.